Wafting around the aegean

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Petra Monastery on a calm morning. Petra lies around 4kms south of Molyvos.

Mornings in the Aegean Sea usually go something like this. Dawn rises. It is flat calm with a few clouds high up in the sky. The sunrise is usually very pretty with peachy coloured eastern horizons. By 11am the morning zephyrs riffle the water and the ship starts a lazy swing around her anchor. By 14:00 the wind has picked up to around 15 to 20 knots. Usually from a north east ish direction causing the ship to dance around her anchor and give our tender drivers something to think about as they transfer guests from ship to shore and back. Zorba the Greek was reputed to have said, “Happy is the man, I thought, who, before dying, has the good fortune to sail the Aegean Sea.” I think he must have liked it.

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Molyvos skyline and tender No2 taking guests ashore.

Molyvos lies on the island of Lesvos which is the third largest Greek Island. It lies on the NW extremity. Mytilene lies on the East side of the island. Molyvos itself is a world heritage site. Behind it lie the ruins of ancient Mithymna where a Byzantine fortress dominates the skyline. This is the ships maiden call here. The local mayor visited and presented us with a plaque from the port and some literature on the area and island. I did not get a chance to go ashore and visit the place but it appeared to have a nice feel about it.

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Farewell committee on the quay in Istanbul.

The cruise ended up on berth 1 in Istanbul harbour. Unusually we were the only ship in harbour. It was fantastic to have the place to ourselves. Here our Security Officer Ernie, Restaurant Manager Altin, Hotel Director Daniel, F+B Manager Daciano and one of the local staff line up to bid our guests farewell. I was there too of course behind the camera.

As I write we are in Kusadasi. Also in port is a much larger ship that I am informed carries 2300 passengers. Alongside her is an even bigger ship with 2800 passengers on board. The carpet sellers of Kusadasi will be happy. We are on the other side of the harbour all alone. I like it. I like it a lot!

Mark Dexter 2015