On the last day of July.

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Arriving at the anchorage at Triluke bay, Croatia

The run across the Adriatic from Venice was calm and restful. The forecast was for stiff winds from the NE caused by an area of low pressure over the Balkans but we missed them. Arriving at Triluke Bay however the influence of the depression was evident in the moody sky that awaited us. The waters were still. The sky was not. We were supposed to run our marina watersports this day but due to the sky I delayed just to see what the weather was going to do. I am glad I did for the wind increased to around 25 knots as this large thunder head passed close by us.

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Heavy rain under a cumulonimbus passes to our south. Lightning flashed. Thunder rumbled.

An hour later the sun came out and shone for the rest of the day. The temperatures rose nicely and the wind dropped to almost calm.

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Triluke Bay an hour later looking towards the little port of Sali.

From then on until today we have had temperatures in the mid thirties and upwards with high humidity to contend with.

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Early morning arrival at Nydri on Lefkada island

We had a busy day at Nydri anchorage for this was crew drill day. I had taken on the role of devising the drill and being the assessor to judge how well the teams coped with my “emergency” and whether there were any learning opportunities to be had. My drill was a chemical acid spill in our main storage locker down on 3 deck. One of our storemen was pretending to be unconscious suffering from fume inhalation and with acid burns to his arms and face.

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My casualty awaits rescue. Water on the deck is my “acid”.

The scene was set. We initiated the drill with a phone call to the bridge and sat back and watched. The first rescue team arrived and used their equipment to good effect. The team leader in the red helmet directs his men to approach with the fog lance. This is a long tube with a special nozzle on the end connected to a fire hose to reach into tight places or into places keeping the men away from any dangers. Once the acid on the deck was diluted with water an entry could be made.

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The fire team uses a fog lance to get into the locker whilst protecting themselves.

The casualty was removed to the fire team controls set up area where he was attended too by the medical team.

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Busy scene at emergency control.

Our knowledge of chemicals, their hazards and how to deal with them were all tested. I was satisfied with our performance. The teams did well. The hardest part of all was getting the casualty to safety without risking harm to any of the fire teams.

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The sunrise makes the ship glow in the early morning arrival at Monemvasia.

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Staff Captain Stoyan briefs Boris, Breffni and Jack prior to our arrival.

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Third Officer Lewis corrects some of the paper charts we still have to carry.

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Monemvasia rock sits in the morning peace.

We are now steaming for Piraeus at the end of another cruise. Our Officer on deck event was a huge success despite the heat and humidity. Next cruise will take us across the Aegean to Istanbul.

Mark Dexter 2015