July is upon us. (already!!)

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Stunning day at Santorini

We are sitting in Kusadasi Turkey listening to the news that the Southern UK is at boiling point with temperatures in the 30s C and Greece is at a different type of boiling point. Interesting times we live in.

I rejoined the ship in Piraeus after my week in Miami and got straight back into the swing of things. The crew were busy getting the ship ready for our new guests. The cruise would take us from the West Aegean across to Rhodes in the East and from Santorini in the south to Limnos in the north and on to Istanbul.

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Another beautiful day in Rhodes harbour.

It has been a calm cruise so far from a weather point of view with temperatures in the mid 20s Celsius which is rather pleasant. Not too hot to be out and about and not too cold or breezy. In Rhodes the Provision Master and his team took on board a large quantity of stores to replenish the ships stock rooms and that will keep us going and the chefs supplied with their ingredients for a few days to come.

Next stop was Patmos where we anchored off the small port and ran our guests ashore in local tender boats. It was another fantastic day. We are truly blessed with the weather so far. It makes such a huge difference to peoples vacations.

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Anchored at Patmos seen from the bridge.

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I had my eye on this building Cumulonimbus cloud at Patmos. It kept away. They can bring nasty squally conditions very quickly.

Today we sit in Kusadasi. The ship has emptied this morning. The guests are going to Ephesus among other tours and also into the local shopping arcades for some retail therapy. We are here alone. No other ships. I can’t remember the last time we were here alone. It is bliss. I will leave you with a few photos taken in Kusadasi.

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Security Officer Ernie catching some sun and watching the gangway entrance.

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The ship tied up along side berth 5/6. Our usual spot and close to the cruise terminal.

Finally, many of you will know I live in New Zealand. Now and then my wife Debbie sends me photos taken when she is out and about walking. This one was taken on Woodend beach close to where we live. Bearing in mind it is mid winter there, it looks rather pleasant.

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A sculpture from driftwood on Woodend beach, New Zealand.

Mark Dexter 2015