Izmir, Turkey.

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“Welcome to the galley market”.

We left Constanta. To get to our next port we had to backtrack through the Bosporus and Dardanelles. This meant we had a day at sea. That meant galley market. I usually print lots of pictures of the galley market but today I am just showing the one above and this one. Consult the other Med blogs if you need to know more about the galley market. Some photos can be found here

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The reason is that the galley market would simply not be possible without so many hidden faces and I wanted to share a couple with you. The galley market generates many many dirty dishes and here one of our team waits for them to arrive to start the cleaning process.

Passing the Dardanelles is particularly poignant for Australians and New Zealanders this year for it is the 100th anniversary of the Galipolli campaign and all the horrors it brought. We passed the memorials sat up on the cliffs at sunset. It was a perfect evening to view them.

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Canakkale Martyrs Memorial.

If the sunset was beautiful well then so was the following sunrise.

I have seen the sunrise over most countries in the world I think judging by the number of sunrise photos I have. It is my favourite time of day. It matters not whether it is a gloomy day. First light is always something special. Maybe it is something harking back to our distant past of sun worship and so on.

Arriving to Izmir this morning was no exception.

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Coastal command escorting us into port.

Look closely and you will see one cheeky fellow hitching a lift on top of our forward mast. An extra lookout.

To finish my piece today I am going to start a campaign to ban mirrors in gymnasiums. I mean really. Unless you have a perfect physique I see no earthly reason to be able to see myself turning red and sweaty before my eyes. It does not look good and does nothing to boost my feeling that this is doing me any good whatsoever let alone my self esteem. I guess it does stop you counting every single spot on the wall or following every bit of the grain in the wood panelling from ceiling to floor to stop the total boredom induced by staring at a wall whilst pretending you are in the Tour De France on a static bike. Also for the love of all thats holy we must ban spandex on anybody that is incapable of passing the first audition for Mr Universe or Miss World. This diaphanous material is fantastic for showing of bulging biceps and rippling abdomen six packs. I fit into neither of those pigeon holes and I would hazard a guess nor do a lot of people in the gym. Baggy T shirts and shorts for me for now. Sorry to leave you with terrible mental pictures but this is serious! All potential names for the “ban mirrors in gyms" party will be carefully considered. Thank you.

Mark Dexter 2015