Cripes it’s hot!

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Very windy day in Mykonos. It is not unusual to be so windy here. Windmills and lack of trees give a clue.

It has been hot, windy or a combination of both for more than a week now. Mykonos, renowned for its windy climate was like standing in front of a giant hair dryer. With temperatures in the thirties celsius and winds around 35 knots it was essential to keep drinking water. Our guests are loving it. Other than the recent heatwave in the UK temperatures rarely climb this high back at home for many guests. The unlucky ones lie in the sun and go from a pale white to a not so pale white then scarlet. The lucky ones go a honey colour then amber and some even go the colour of mahogany. They are the real sun worshippers. All the while being served cooling drinks and face towels and occasionally spritzered with a refreshing facial spay as they enjoy the pool deck.

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Scorched cliffs of many hues. Santorini. Where else!

There was a brief respite when we were at anchor in Santorini. A NW breeze kept the temperatures around the high 20s C. It was welcomed. If there is no wind here temperatures can soar.

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Plastic fantastics waiting to be used.

In Marmaris Turkey we docked beside quite a large marina. Yachts and sailing boats adorned with flags from around the world wait to be used. Many millions of dollars just sits here being scrubbed and polished and scrubbed again waiting for the day an owner will come and take it out to sea to get salt on it requiring a bit more scrubbing and polishing. On a stunning day none of the big boats moved. They did look quite pretty though.

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A bit of TLC required

To keep a ship like this running sweetly requires a lot of tender loving care. There are many tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis. Here our Chief Electrician Gospodin on the left and our Electronics officer Indrek go about replacing an illumination lamp in one of our bow thruster control panels. You would think such a simple task would require a few minutes work. Wrong! The whole gubbins needs removing just to get access to the offending lamp.

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Another warm day dawns. This is the approaches to Izmir, Turkey this morning. The seagulls guide us in.

Today we are in Izmir in Turkey. I think it is the third largest Turkish city after Istanbul and Ankara. There was not a breath of wind this morning and a thick haze over the mountains to the east of the city gave the sun an amber tinge as it rose to its lofty heights.

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First Officer Boris and Third Officer Tripo glow in the morning sun.

It is expected to rise once more to above 30 C. I will remain in the air conditioning. I will leave the open decks to the sun lovers.

Mark Dexter 2015