Wellington harbour

The view from the bridge. Wellington harbour.

We have docked right beside the Westpac rugby stadium. It was a little windy overnight as we entered the Cook Straits and entered the harbour. As the day has passed the wind has dropped. It is 17C outside which is a little on the cool side but being so bright and sunny more than compensates.

We docked at 7:30 this morning and will sail at 23:00. Many of the guests have gone out and about on seal safaris, bush treks, visits to Te Papa museum which is the national Museum of New Zealand and partaking of retail therapy in the city.

I on the other hand undertook a crew cabin inspection which you will know from the past is akin to inspecting 200 teenagers bedrooms. Interesting to say the least. It is a requirement of law that we do this to ensure that standards of safety and hygiene are met. Their standards and mine can differ somewhat from time to time but I am also very aware that their cabins are their areas of privacy and their home away from home.

After dinner this evening we will have the Kapa Haka traditional Maori dancers and musicians onboard to entertain t eh guests before we leave for the overnight passage to Picton on the South Island.

With a high pressure system moving in this evening I am hoping for a better day in Picton that last time. We shall see.

Mark Dexter 2015