Port Chalmers, New Zealand.


Ship and train together in Port Chalmers.

Since my last blog entry we have now crossed the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. The Tasman this time was much kinder in that although we had some swell is was not as bad as the last crossing. An Albatross picked us up at the Bass Straits and followed us for most of the way to New Zealand. I was watching him outside my cabin window and grabbed a snap as he passed.

Tasman Sea - 1

Best glider pilots in the world.

That was all to the good for two days before we arrived in New Zealand we held our galley market event again. It would have been spoiled if the weather was not kind.

Galley market - 2

Already for the guests to arrive.

The galley market is of course a huge success for guests and crew alike. It is one of Seabourns signature events and always worth a photo or three.

Our first port of call in New Zealand was Milford and Dusky sounds. The weather was due to turn a bit inclement again during the day and would last for the next few days. However the conditions inside Milford Sound were fantastic. Our pilot was Captain John henderson. He is another 30 year veteran of these waters and he guided us seamlessly through the sounds. A few more pictures can be found in the bits n pieces photo album.

Milford Sound - 1

Lady Bone waterfall in Milford Sound. The sun streams between the peaks.

Dusky Sound - 3

Misty peaks in Dusky Sound

After Milford Sound we headed south for a few hours to Dusky sound. The poor weather had come in and the clouds shrouded the lofty peaks of the sound. Nevertheless the scenery was spectacular and was enjoyed by the guests.

After Dusky Sound we returned to Oban and anchored off Stewart Island. Here the weather really was not kind. The wind came up from the east to 30 knots and brought cool and drizzly conditions. Much of the islands were shrouded in mist and fog which only lifted to a few hundred feet above the ground at best. This is summer here!We are now moored in Port Chalmers behind a large container ship. It is still blowing 25 to 30 knots and curtains of drizzle are sweeping in off the ocean. It has not deterred the guests from going ashore.

This is the only port I can think of where a train comes to our gangway. The TAIERI GORGE RAILWAY train stops on the dock and the guests going on tour board her to go and see the spectacular scenery of the gorge. It is amazing. If ever you like scenery and trains this is a must do.

Port Chalmers - 2

The train about to depart.

Mark Dexter 2015