Last entry for this blog.


Galley Market. Chef Felix.

I am sitting at home now putting the finishing touches to the blog. It has been another epic journey. The Tasman Sea was almost like a lake compared to the same crossing around a month ago. The galley market was as usual a rip roaring success. I love to attend and mingle with the guests and crew. Both enjoy it immensely.

We docked in Melbourne and anchored at Geelong before we berthed at Sydney where I left for home. So this blog comes to an end. It is going to be one heck of a leave. I must visit the US embassy in London to renew my Seamans visa. I have to help Debbie pack up the house ready to ship it, our car and motorcycles back to New Zealand. That should be enough to keep us busy for a while.

I will leave you with some photos of the ports we visited lately and my last crew of the day who is our Staff Captain Kaloyan. Until the next time……


Another galley market piece of art.


Choices choices


Behind the scenes in the galley.

Melbourne - 1

Loading new deck furniture in Melbourne


Sailing Regatta in Geelong.

Etihad lounge Sydney airport

Darwin, Chief Purser and I in the airport waiting for our flights


Staff Captain Kaloyan Chalakov

The final words ate Kaloyans:

"I was born on 5th April 1976 in Varna, Bulgaria. After living in another city for a few years, my family finally moved back to Varna in 1985. Graduated in Mathematical High School Varna and Naval Academy after that, I set sail to sea in 2000. One of my hobbies for extensive period of time was and still is sail and motor boats, so career path was a natural choice. I am the first ever in history of my family to choose sea as a destiny path. My career began with merchant navy , cargo ships as bulk carrier, general cargo, container vessels and continued with joining cruise vessel industry in 2006. In 2007, I became part of Seabourn family and sailed under the command of almost all Captains in company on different ships. After gaining experience and developing myprofessional, I was promoted to rank of Staff Captain in late 2010.

I am happily married with two kids, girl and boy; they will be respectively 12 and 7 this year. We are still living in Varna, on Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and enjoying it. Being playing volleyball for years, now all of us are engaged in different kinds of sports, but swimming seems to be the preferred choice”.

Mark Dexter 2015