50 Shades of Grey……Clouds.

Stewart Island

Stewart Island.

We have threaded our way though the outlying islands to our anchorage off the small township of Oban today. It is not to be confused with Oban Scotland. This is Oban, on Stewart Island New Zealand. Same weather, other side of the planet. No midges.

It is really chilly this morning. We are swinging around our port anchor. There is very little wind to speak of but the 50 shades of grey I alluded too in the title overhead refer to the sky which is a blanket of cloud in various shades of grey.

It is a quiet Sunday. My morning has passed far too quickly. I have no idea where the time goes some days and I spent it poking around in various lockers and storerooms around the ship.

We are in the Fjords tomorrow. The camera is on charge and I really look forward to the scenery once again.

Tonight was our Club dinner and I presented awards for people that had sailed 100 days on Seabourn, some for 200 days and an award for a couple that had sailed over 400 days with us. I find it all quite humbling to think I have sailed with some of them for many many days..

Time for bed now. Goodnight.

Mark Dexter 2015