Santorini, Greece.

Santorini - 02

Seabourn Odyssey approaching Santorini from the north on a beautiful morning

Can there be anywhere in the Med that compares to this place. Yes there are many wonderful islands all with distinct characters of their own. But this place? Well I never tire of coming here. I rarely get ashore but for me this place is all about the beauty of the soaring cliffs and the whitewashed houses perched upon them. No matter what the weather the beauty of Santorini is unsurpassed.

Santorini - 07

Sun rises over cliffs to the East.

When we sailed from Bodrum I informed the guests to be up and about from 06:30 this morning to enjoy the sunrise as we entered the caldera. The sky was deep blue and cloudless and turned a peach colour as the sun rose. The sea was moving gently under a northerly breeze. There were many guests that were up and about early to see the arrival. They were not disappointed.

Santorini - 08

L to R: Paul, Jan and Ivo. The morning watch.

We drifted until 3pm when the one anchorage came available for us and we are now moving gently around our starboard anchor.

Santorini - 09

Drifting in the Caldera. Thira on the starboard bow. A perfect day begins.

We just enjoyed our Officers on Deck Epicurean event and watched the sun setting to the west. Deck 8 around the pool lends itself to such an event. Its a perfect spot in which to entertain. The cliffs and houses turned pink, then orange then flame red whilst we enjoyed special delicacies prepared by Chef Martin and his team. The bar staff and waiters moved among us seeing to our needs whilst the Officers served the guests special cocktails and nibbles.

Santorini - 11

The Caviar team are nearly ready.

Santorini - 12

Waiting for the first customer. I think it was me actually.

Santorini - 14

Pauls Risotto was magnificent once again.

Santorini - 15

Ned and Alistair on the champagne and sorbet table.

Santorini - 16

The rum cocktail team.

Santorini - 17

Pizzas to go.

Santorini - 19

Seafood and smiles.

Santorini - 20

Chef Pascal and his team in the Colonnade about to open the Greek market.

The Greek theme is continuing in the Colonnade Restaurant with a“Greek Market” themed dinner. Foods purchased today in local markets are on the menu. The restaurant is already very busy. Later we will have dancing and music by the pool to close theevening and we will sail at 11pm.

Santorini - 23

Sun setting and changing the colours of the cliffs. A local tender arrives alongside.

It has been a great day. Santorini has wowed the guests. The ship is buzzing. What more could I want.

Mark Dexter 2015