Parga, Greece


L to R: Ned, me, Captain Edward Van Zaane, His wife Appolonia, Kai.

After Monemvasia we called at Katakolon which is the port for Olympia. Shortly after we arrived, a sister company ship called Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland America Line berthed beside us. She was huge. I had not been on one of them before so I went over to her gangway and asked whether the captain was available for a coffee. I was escorted to the bridge to meet Captain Edward Van Zaane and some of his officers. We Captains do like to show off our ships and Captain Van Zaane was no different. I had coffee in the restaurant with him and then took a tour of the ship. Very impressive and not what I am used too. So much space!

I invited him onboard for lunch with his wife. The photo above is the result. I really enjoyed meeting him, his wife and his officers. It is something we should do more often. After all, any excuse for lunch is a valid one in my book.

Today we are in Parga. It lies in NW Greece in the Preveza region and is a little out of the way place I really like. We anchor off and run our guests ashore in our tender boats.

Parga - 4

Tender 4 ferrying guests ashore to Parga in the background.

It lies in a sheltered bay dotted with yachts and pleasure boats. The backdrop of tall hills offer it shelter and blue seas lap its tiny beaches. It is great for a wander among nic nac shops and seafront cafes and tavernas.

There was a double celebration today. Some of the officers gathered to present our Computer Officer Roger with a 15 year service award. I first met Roger on the Seabourn Pride and here he is now getting his award from the Company for his long service.

Rogers 15 years celebration - 1

Roger gets his award from Ned, Chief Engineer. Denis, Gospodin and Daniel look on.

Finally our Bosun had his birthday yesterday. This evening we had a BBQ where his colleagues presented him with a large cake and enjoyed each others company relaxing in the evening sun.

Bosuns birthday BBQ - 1

Bosun Lauro De La Vega in the light blue shirt with his colleagues and his cake.

Mark Dexter 2015