Kotor, Montenegro.

Kotor - 5

Berthed in Kotor.

Since my last posting we have visited Ravenna, Venice, Sibenik and now today, Kotor.

Venice was unseasonably ghastly from a weather point of view. A cold front moved through during the day. It was cold, wet and windy. Not what we would expect of Venice in August.

It was a different story yesterday in Sibenik for it was calm and warm. The low pressure centre had moved quickly into Bulgaria and towards the Black Sea.

Sibenik - 1

A view of Sibenik, Croatia from my cabin window.

This morning we picked up our pilot in Kotor fjord and travelled the 14 miles inland to our berth. I have written much about Kotor in previous blogs. It is one of those places that I never tire of coming too. The sunrise behind the mountains to the east is always stunning. Be it hail, rain or shine the early morning arrival is amazing. I usually urge the guests to get up early to enjoy the spectacle of the sail in. This morning I estimate there was around 30 people on the decks and more on their balconies to enjoy it.

Kotor - 1

The sun rises behind the mountains in Kotor fjord.

Today was no different. Today was a bit special for we followed in the old Seabourn Pride. Now sold to another company and renamed but still my first Seabourn ship and still a little beauty it was a pleasure to see her again.

Kotor - 3

The old Seabourn Pride at anchor in Kotor.

Kotor - 4

Staff captain Kai and Chief Engineer Ned come for a look.

We take a pilot for the run into the berth from the sea. Today he joined and we let the two bridge officers pilot the ship to the berth. It was a really good training exercise and a chance to let them practice their teamwork and skills. They did really well under the guidance of the pilot and myself looking on.

Kotor - 6

Watch change on the bridge with our pilot in the background and Kai watching on.

Now we are back out at sea heading south into Albanian waters and then Greek waters bound for Corfu.

Mark Dexter 2015