Hvar, Croatia.

Dubrovnik - 10

View from my cabin in Gruz harbour, Dubrovnik. Not too sure about the not so modern ferry approaching.

Normally I like to anchor off the old town in Dubrovnik and send the guests ashore in our tender boats. However, when we arrived the weather was 25 to 30 knots winds from the SSE. If there is one direction that really makes the anchorage untenable in Dubrovnik it is SSE as the sea heaps up inside the bay. The ship can handle it but the tenders bounce about uncomfortably. So I decided to dock in Gruz harbour just north of the city. At least we can still ensure our guests get to enjoy this historic city and all it has to offer.

Dubrovnik - 02

Gerlon gets his award surrounded by his colleagues and MIW’s (Men in White)

Whilst alongside I was delighted to present one of our deck team, Gerlon, for promoting safety awareness on board.

The wind dropped slowly throughout the day and by 18:30 it was down to about 15 knots and the rain had all passed through. It meant we could hold our Officers on Deck Epicurean event again. It was of course another stupendous success.

Dubrovnik - 07

Chef Paul and assistant, Chief Electrician Gospodin. Well out of his comfort zone but loving it.

Dubrovnik - 04

Music, fine food and wine. Waiting for our guests.

Dubrovnik - 06

Staff captain Kai learns how to make a “Croatian Kiss”.

Dubrovnik - 08

Chief Engineer Ned and Guest Services manager Alistair get to grips with Champagne cocktails.

Dubrovnik - 13

The italian section awaits you.

Dubrovnik - 12

As does the seafood.

We sailed at 22:30 for the overnight run to Hvar where we are as I write.

Hvar is a little gem on the Dalmatian coast. I actually prefer it to Dubrovnik simply because it is never so busy. Today was no exception. We anchored here. There is no berth available. It was again very windy when we arrived but it eased back through the day.

Hvar - 2

Hvar anchorage from my cabin window.

We have sailed for Ravenna on the other side of the Adriatic.

Finally I must apologise for goofing with posting these past few days. I was asked in some recent emails why I was not posting and the answer is due to a tick in a little checkbox in a sub menu of the program which posts a draft view only to the server and not to the internet. My fault entirely. The check box has been unticked and here you are. Thanks for the emails. It is nice to know somebody is reading this stuff other than me.

Mark Dexter 2015