Back in Istanbul

Sinop - 5

Looking pretty in Sinop.

Yesterday we spent the day in Sinop Turkey where the temperatures soared to 28C which was OK by me and most of the guests who ventured ashore. I managed to venture as far as the bow of the ship taking a walk along the pier to check out the starboard side. She is looking clean and tidy. There are always bits and pieces that need smartening up. A bit of discoloured paint here and there. It is not as if we can wash her and get the chamois leather out. This involves high pressure hoses and a bit of elbow grease.

Sinop - 7

Looking good I would say.

Sinop - 6

Quayside in Sinop.

Most of the morning was spent on our weekly crew emergency exercise. This week we had a scenario where a deep fat fryer caught fire in the main galley. For those of you that have toured our galley you will know that it is a labyrinth in there. Imagine what it is like for our fire teams dragging hoses in their breathing apparatus. I like to use the fake smoke machine that our dancers use in their stage shows. It adds a bit of realism and therefore a more meaningful exercise. Add a few chefs overcome by smoke to be evacuated and treated by our medical teams and you can imagine that it was something to behold. By the time the exercise was over and our debrief on the bridge was conducted the morning was gone.

We sailed for Istanbul. In the evening we held our Epicurean event around our pool. This is a great chance for the Officers from all departments to gather around and do something that is sometimes not within their comfort zones lets say. Chief Engineers serving guests pizza, Staff Captains making Black Beauty cocktails, Tour Managers at the caviar counter and such like. Add music from our singers and a mass gathering of crew and you have the recipe for a really nice event on a balmy evening. Some photos of people that you may know are in the album or click here.


Chief Engineer and a Housekeeper in their ‘other’ role.

Last night we had a really windy spell for about an hour but after that it was calm and peaceful. We picked up the pilot at the north end of the Bosporus and berthed in our normal position at 13:00. Then the rain came and boy did it come. Just as we tied up the lightning flashed and the thunder roared for around an hour. Lunch on the patio was a damp affair but once the sun came out again it dried quickly and now it is rather a pleasant afternoon outside. This afternoon I had the pleasure of presenting our newly graduated members of our academy with their certificates before they take up positions within the fleet. New kids on the block.


Stars of the future. Our academy graduates pose with the old school.

Mark Dexter 2015