A day at sea.


2 Staff Captains and one worker!!

It is very unusual to have a sea day during our Mediterranean season. When one comes along ……well we do what we do best. Trivia and galley market.

My question at trivia today was a countries flag. Those of you that know me will be aware that my questions relate to our ships and our itineraries. I chose Myanmars flag. Half the teams got it correct.

Following trivia I took a group of the Officers down to the main restaurant and had a table for the galley market. I have written in the past about the galley market in previous blogs but I never tire of showing off our team of culinary wizards headed by Executive Chef Michael. So I make no apologies for doing it again.

Galley market - 01

The sweet table. No calories at all.

I adore this signature event. It brings guests and crew together where we chat about all sorts of things and the guests get to meet the chefs behind the scenes. We can mingle with the guests and get their reactions to the fare on offer. Cameras snap away and the conversation in the room grows as time goes by. It always helps to have a little afternoon snooze just to help the digestion I think. The baked Alaska is my kryptonite. Thank goodness all that meringue weighs nothing.

Galley market - 05

Big boss chef Michael.

As if all this was not enough the evening was given over to our Club party. This is a celebration for all those that have sailed with us previously. The Senior Officers host the guests in the dining room for more fabulous fare. Hence the afternoon snooze to make room for more.

Check out the galley market photo album by clicking here. You may see some crew you recognise.

Mark Dexter 2015