Sunshine in Venice.

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The view out of the marina door reveals another stunning day in the shipyard. My photography prowess knows no bounds. The Chief Engineer was expertly placed behind that plastic bag.

Talking of the Chief Engineer let me introduce you too him.

He is Pekka Piispa. He has been in the shipyard from the start to oversee the Seabourn team here. He is from Turku in Finland and before coming to Seabourn Encore he was Chief Engineer on Seabourn Quest. His enthusiasm for this project is infectious.

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Here he is in what will eventually be the ships main engine control room. It will be the most modern control room at sea I reckon. A large video wall will carry all the information he and his team will need to assist him in running such a complex ship.

Today he showed me around the lower decks. I can start to visualise what the ship will look like. There are pipes and cables and vent ducting tubes every where. But over time they will disappear.

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The main atrium staircase is just a metal staircase. In time the metal will be covered in carpets and so forth and the Tihany design will come to fruition. Then it will look nothing like this. So consider this a ‘before’ picture. You will have to wait to see the ‘after’ picture.

To get to the Seabourn Encore we have to walk passed a huge dock in which the next Carnival super ship is being built. Just for interest I thought I would show you a picture of what she looks like just now. Ships are built in big blocks these days and welded together to form the final result. This ship has no bow yet and no superstructure. It is just the hull. Some of the building blocks are on the quayside beside her out of shot but I will show some of those in another posting. Reminds me of big boys Lego.

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Mark Dexter 2015