Big Boys Lego

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I know this was supposed to be about the Seabourn Encore but I am totally fascinated by what is going on in the next dock beside us where the new Carnival Ship is being built.I watched this morning as another big block was craned into place. This portion of the bow contains the bow thruster tunnels. I watched the men jack the huge piece into precise position. They were still at it some 2 hours later.

On the dock there are more of the blocks waiting their turn to be fitted to the hull.

Here a piece of the accommodation has been fitted.

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A massive construction shed sits close by where these blocks are assembled before large trailers on 18 axles wheel them across the dock to wait their turn to be fitted.

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It has been a stunning day here in Venice with wall to wall sunshine and rather high humidity.

Walking around Seabourn Encore certainly gives the legs and lungs a good work out. The elevators are fitted but not commissioned yet.

The forward jacuzzi lies close to the ship waiting its turn to be slotted onto the foredeck just like all our other sisters. This is deck 7. It is deck 6 on the Odyssey class vessels.

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I leave you with a view looking from the nose of the ship up to the bridge.

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Even in the short time I have been here progress in the bridge is quite something. You know all those wires that connect the various bits of your computer at home together or the back of your DvD to TV and so on, well on the bridge imagine that a thousand times worse. The first time I saw it, it looked like there had been a spaghetti fight with green and orange wires all over the place. Well now they all are lined up in trays looking neat and tidy.

Mark Dexter 2015