A giant golf ball arrives.

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Sat Dome lifted onboard.

A large crane was employed to lift a giant sized golf ball shaped object onto a deck high up behind our funnels. Inside the white plastic ball is a satellite antenna dish for the reception of TV signals. The white plastic protects the dish and delicate instruments within from the elements. The dish sits on a set of gimbals that are gyro stabilised so that as the ship turns and moves at sea the dome is always pointing at the satellite. The dome is one of an array of 4, 2 forward and 2 aft for TV and internet.

I would like to introduce two people to you.

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Storekeepers Arnold Mesina and Isabelo Buraga.

Meanwhile the first of all our stores are beginning to arrive into our warehouse ready to go onboard. In a little office tucked away in the corner sit our two storekeepers Arnold and Isabelo. These two guys are key people in the operation in that they are the ones checking whats ordered against what arrives and sorting the warehouse so that we know whats here and where it is, ready to go onboard as soon as we can.

The public rooms are coming along at a pace.

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Grand Salon

The composite floor of the Grand Salon has been put down. The man above is roughing the surface of it to prepare it for the final covering. Under the shiny red composite is a resilient shock absorbing compound that reduces noise and is also kinder underfoot. Clearly the ship designers have heard of my dancing prowess on the 2010 Odyssey World Cruise when I tried to learn to ballroom dance with abysmal results and have taken steps accordingly. (the ship designers, not me.)

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Seabourn Square

Carpets are going down and covered. Ceiling panels are up and protected. Here the coffee bar in the Seabourn Square is in situ and being plumbed and wired in. I really like the floor coverings.I get a sneaky peek under the plastic governing that you dont get. You will just have to wait and see them in due course.

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Guess who.

My final picture of the day is of the Hotel Officers in their amazingly white boiler suits. So white in fact that the finger smudge on the lens of my camera gave them a glow. From L to R, Hotel Director Daniel, Corporate Hotel Direct Guenter, Hotel Project Manager Vitor and Executive Housekeeper Mervi.

Mark Dexter 2015