Muscat, Oman


Its been tough. No really. This chair had my name on it.

The six days at sea since Aqaba have seen us travel the length of the Red Sea, transit through the Bab El Mandeb which is the narrow exit at the bottom, traverse across the Gulf of Aden and today, arrive in Muscat, Oman. I can’t believe where the time has gone. Seems like only yesterday we set sail from Aqaba! It was a chance to catch our breath after the shipyard. I managed to get rid of all the boxes of ‘stuff’ from my office. By mainly moving it into other peoples office really. But my office is clean and my filing system is up and running. Sounds a bit tedious but an essential part of the operation of running a ship like this.

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Floriens birthday.

We also had a chance to celebrate the birthday of Florien. He of turquoise polo shirt fame hidden by Daniel the Hotel Director. He is our Public Health guru and a fine job he has done for us in setting up our inspections and checking the ship for compliance with various legislation. Kreso, our Staff captain gave him a name badge with his new title being First Public health Officer. A bit tongue in cheek for he has aspirations of being a First navigation officer.


Florien sporting his new badge presented by Kreso.

It is a very busy day for us here in Muscat. We need to refuel, dispose of our garbage which we processed onboard and take on new stores to recharge the fridges. We will take on 5 container loads in Dubai in a couple of days time but this will see us through until then. I will leave you with some images from Muscat. I was experimenting with the camera so apologies for the images. I will just put it on point and shoot next time. Sorry about that.


Environmental Officer Elio on the right helps out with the garbage offload.


The engine room team plug in a fuel pipe. Actually the ship is white so no idea what setting I had on the camera here.


A hot day. A rather yellow one at that.


Exchange of plaques with our agents. I think I got the better deal out of it.


The Omani Navy cadet training ship on the left meets their equivalent from the Pakistani Navy.

Mark Dexter 2015