Settling in

Bowers House

Evening comes at the Bowers’ House.

We are settling into life back in New Zealand. We are staying with some friends that have put us up and leant us a car to get around. We owe them a tremendous debt. They are the same people that put us up when we first moved to New Zealand in 2006. What can I say?

Woodend Beach - 6

Woodend beach path.

We have spent the past week checking out properties and rediscovering old friendships. Driving into the city and around and about nothing has changed that much. The rebuild of the city is well underway but life goes on. We spent today in a small township called Woodend which is a leafy suburb to the north of Christchurch.Wooden beach is stunningly lovely with a beachfriend by a conifer plantation. It was 27C today so we spent some time walking along the shore. Tomorrow is Good Friday and a day off house hunting. We are back viewing on saturday.

Woodend Beach - 5

Woodend beach

Woodend Beach - 4

Wood art on the beach

Woodend Beach - 2

Not a bit like Trowbridge.

Mark Dexter 2015