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Lying on the down wind side of the Southern Alps means that the strangest cloud formations are not uncommon.

Today is ANZAC day. In the US you have Veterans Day and in Europe, Remembrance Day. Here and in Australia ANZAC Day is the day where we traditionally remember those people that gave their lives for our freedom. On this day 100 years ago the ANZAC soldiers made the disastrous landing on the Gallipoli beaches during WW1. Services of remembrance are hold all over the country.

Since I last wrote much has happened. We have finally had an offer accepted on a house and we will move in on April 30th.

We have taken a wander around Christchurch City to see where progress has been made or otherwise since the terrible earthquakes of 2010/11. The Cathedral still awaits the bureaucratic process to grind towards a decision on its future. Other parts of the city are still undergoing demolition and in the three years since we left new buildings have sprung up. Many of the roads in the eastern suburbs still lie in a rather alarming state. But progress is progress. It is going to take some years to sort this all out.

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Debs and I spent a great day in the sun raising money for the St Johns ambulances. Ulysses motorcycle club to which we belong raise money annually for this worthy clause. Debbie did a great job selling raffle tickets aided and abetted by Terry. He will very soon be a neighbour when we move into our new house.

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We are integrating back into New Zealand life very nicely. My next update will be from our own home with a bit of luck.

Mark Dexter 2015