A wine tasting trip to Marlborough

A group of us took a run up state highway one to Picton, stayed an overnight and became wine connoisseurs for a few hours.What did I enjoy most? The ride. It was a lot better than most of the wines we tried. The run up the Pacific coast highway north of Kaikoura is in my opinion one of the best motorcycling roads around. Twisty, scenic and not a dull stretch on it. SoI will let the photos do the talking.

thumb P1020409 1024

Early morning gathering in Amberley

thumb P1020411 1024

My Road King sits ready to go.

thumb P1020412 1024

Debbie with Ruru and Anni waiting for the start

thumb P1020415 1024

Petrol and coffee stop at Kaikoura. The mountains beckon.

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One of the tasting rooms. This one was at Geisen wines.

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Young Terrence being escorted into the Drylands winery tasting room by Thea and Debbie.

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PRENZEL tastings. Not wine but distilled goodies. This place is well worth a visit.

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A lovely cafe at Kekerengu.

Finally on the way home we stopped off at this cafe. It sits on the beach and was a perfect rest stop on the way home.

Mark Dexter 2015