Some thoughts

Good evening from Woodend just north of Christchurch in New Zealand.

I am coming into this after many years away from the hobby. family, job and so forth are the usual reasons that it has been a while. Growing up in the 60s, 70s and some of the 80s in the UK I had loft layouts and 6x4s in the garage and now it is time to tackle a garden layout. Mainly because I have no space indoors but plenty outside. None of my old stock remains. Goodness knows where it all went. 25 years ago my wife bought me the Lancashire Witch 4-6-0 LMS loco made by Wrenn. It has sat in its original box for all that time. We moved from Shaftesbury to New Zealand, back to Trowbridge after a nasty earthquake here and finally back to New Zealand. I now have space toplay with. However I have the following initial challenges.

1. My wife thinks my idea of a garden railway is idiotic. Your'e57 she said. It better not spoil the look of my garden she said.

2. I work on a cruise ship so I am away for long spells. But then I am home for long spells too. I have downloaded youtube videos galore to see me through until I return to inspire me when I can't get internet.

3. I needto get the Lancashire Witch up and running in the New Zealand sunshine. I also have my sons very old Thomas set somewhere in the loft and the old mainline Jinty in bits in a bag somewhere. Thats it. Oh, I also have a picture in my head. One of my sons is a dab hand at modelling those wargaming characters and is on my side!

I thought maybe I could post some pictures of my plot and you could pitch in with some ideas. The trackbed will need to be raised above the ground and I will need some removable sections for access but lets see.

Mark Dexter 2015