more trackbed

The remaining brackets were fitted to the back of the veggie patch and the top board secured to them. I did not like the brackets I bought. A little flimsy so I added some bracing by them to stiffen things up a little. Pleased with the result. I need more brackets later and will invest in stronger ones.

Sunk my first post into the ground and secured it with post-fix, a rapid setting concrete. It sets solid in 15 minutes. Once that was in I added the decking supports and braced them ensuring everything was as level as I could get it length wise and across ways. Whilst not exact the bubble on the level is between the two lines on my spirit level so I think thats good enough. The top boards as mentioned before are tanalised 150x25mm. They are meant for retaining walls and landscaping. They are not planed but are straight and true. Still wondering whether to cover them with something instead of painting them.

The next job is to form the curve that will lead into the shed. I bought a sheet of tanalised 18mm ply to cut the bed out of. Still not sure what to do yet as I do like the 150x25 boards but not sure how to get them around a curve or indeed how to get my decking supports around a curve. We shall see. Once that curve is in place it will give me the level to cut a hole into the shed and then I can construct the baseboard that will form the storage yard.

Here are the pictures of todays efforts.


Mark Dexter 2015