March 29th.

Having run out of funds for now for the garden bit of the railway I have turned my attention to the storage yard boards in the shed. I have the plywood and battening already. This was meant to be the winter job for my next leave but the weather is too good to waste. So out with the jigsaw, pencils, laser line, set squares and away I went.

I have decided that the stock on the Applebee and Lavendar line will represent my life. Its going to be a right old mish mash of locos but thats just fine by me. Each one will have a story and memories with it. I was born in Portsmouth in the UK in 1960 and my mum and dad would take me on the Hayling Island line to the beach in the early 60s. Rails of Sheffield have pre-releasedan A1X terrier loco which is exactly what the Hayling Island 'Puffing Billy" was so I have pre ordered one in the early BR crest. They are to be made by Dapol which will be a first from that manufacturer for me. Other locos I hope to get will be a class 55 deltic as I spent some years growing up in the North East of England and would stand at the side of the railway near a place called Killingworth feeling the earth move as a Deltic would thunder by on the East Coast mainline. Got to get a Black Five as that was the first loco my mum bought me as a kid. Its long gone now but another is a must. There are others but they can wait for now.

So here are a few photos of todays efforts. The battening is 50x25mm and once its all dry I will screw a 12mm ply top on and fit it into the shed. Constructing the frame on the concrete floor kept it true as the floor is level. Made life a lot simpler. I drilled some holes in the cross bracing though which I can run the bus wires later.I dont know about you but there is something immensely satisfying working with wood. Cant put my finger on it but drilling and glueing and screwing it all together is quite cathartic!


Mark Dexter 2015