How the hell can cutting a piece of plywood into a radius be so difficult.

The geometry of the curve into the shed is not a constant radius due to the relative positions of where I want the railway to enter the shed and a fence post upon which the board will sit. But please. 4 hours it took me. 4 hours in 27C heat. There were some choice words I can tell you. Myson Leo, came out after 3 hours of struggle and said "Duh, why dont you cut a paper template first!" So armed with a few pieces of flexible track and a few sheets of news paper stuck together with tape a template was duly made and the plywood cut. It did not fit. So a bit of judicious hacking with a jigsaw and voila. I have what I set out to do 4 hours earlier. I cooled off with a visit to my local model shop, Iron Horse hobbies in Christchurch. There are so many pretty things to buy. I resisted. Wood needs buying first.

Its been a frustrating day. Not much progress for a lot of time spent. Here are the photos of my labours. Pathetic!


Mark Dexter 2015