First trackbed.

At last construction has begun on the Applebee and Lavender line. It has taken time. Every time Iventured to the shed to make a start something else cropped up that needed my attention.

Todaywas the day. I got the tools out of the shed, screwed one bracket to the back of a raised veggie bed and the heavens opened. But it is a start. The track bed is 150mm x 25 mm tanalised timber that will be painted to match the fence behind. It impossible to get hold of roofing felt here in NZ. Does not seem to exist here so the boards will be painted with fence paint instead. Once it clears the veggie bed it will be supported by 100x100 mm posts concreted into the ground. Decking board mounted vertically and screwed horizontally between the posts will support the boards on top. Hope that makes sense. Future photos will show what I mean eventually. I have taken note of all the comments about distance between supports, warping and so forth and hope I have it all covered. Time will tell.

Cant wait for the rain to stop. Tomorrow is saturday here in New Zealand and I am umpiring a local cricket match. Construction will need to wait until Sunday and the forecast is not so good. We will see.

Day one of construction.


Mark Dexter 2015