Day 1: Home to London


Setting out for our Camino

Not sure if this is day one or not. If the pilgrimage starts at the time you set foot outside your front door then this is day one.

We bid farewell to Leo and took the train to London. Our hotel is the Kings Cross Inn and we are sat in room LG05. LG is lower ground. We are below ground.


Room LG05, a room without a view

Our view is not of the magnificent structure of the station but of cigarette butts, a dead plant and a wall. It is not the best room we have ever stayed in but it is right across from the station where we need to be tomorrow morning for a 6am check in. The rumbling of tube trains beneath our feet somewhere will no doubt lull us to sleep. The pictures on were not quite a true story of the room but it is a bed for the night.

The station on the other hand is simply magnificent. I have seen stations similar in cities around the world but none match it for magnificence.


St Pancras Station


So having had a very nice dinner at a nearby pizza restaurant I am off to bed.

I must admit to being a little nervous about all this. I still hope my knees and feet will hold for all of this and I won’t let Debbie down. Time will tell. I am really looking forward to the journey through France on the Eurostar and TGV trains tomorrow.

Mark Dexter 2015