Day 6: Zubiri to Pamplona

Hard trek uphill

A hard slog

Distance to Go: 742.1 Kms

This was a tough walk of 21Kms. Not because the distance or gradients were much to contend with but the heat. That was something else.

A water stop


Debbie and walking friend

New friend.



We had a so so nights sleep at the alberge in Zubiri and after a good breakfast we set off about 07:30 and arrived in Pamplona at 15:00. With hindsight we should have set off earlier to avoid the heat and tomorrow we will. The heat coming up through your feet is energy sapping and we had to stop many times to rehydrate ourselves. I lost my water bottle somewhere along the route so will try and get another tomorrow in Pamplona as the forecast for the next few days is going to be hot. It was 30C today which was too much to walk comfortably in.


Beautiful towns dot the route. This is Trinidad De Arre.

Entrance to Pamplona city - 2

Pamplona entrance

The walk was varied. Sometimes over hot and dusty trails and sometimes along lush riverbanks but all the time the heat was there with no wind to provide any cooling. I was certainly glad to get to our accommodation in Pamplona, the Albergue Ibarrola. Its very modern, clean and with only 20 residents I am really hoping we get a good rest tonight.

Ibarralo Albergue - 2

Home for the night

We will make a small detour tomorrow as I want to get a photo of the statue of Hemmingway for our son Giles which is outside the bull ring and take a walk down Estefeta which is the street the bulls run down during the famous festival here.


The dog of the day

We are off out to dinner tonight somewhere in the city with our new pilgrim friends.

Distance walked today: 21.1 Kms

Mark Dexter 2015