Day 5: Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Roncevalle Monestary - 3

Roncesvalles Monastery

Roncevalle Monestary - 1

Debbies home for the night

Distance to go 764 Kms

Last night we stayed at the pilgrim hostel in the Roncesvalles Monastery. We attended the pilgrim mass in the church along with around a hundred other people doing the same thing. It was very humbling although all in Spanish. What a magnificent building it is. We each had a bunk bed and Debbie took the lower one. We shared the cubicle with two other people also walking the route.

Pilgrims dinner at La Posada, Ronceville - 1

La Posada

Pilgrims dinner at La Posada, Ronceville - 2

Pilgrims Dinner

Dinner was a pilgrims dinner for €9 in a local restaurant called La Posada. We sat with a very quiet Austrian, a lad from Korea and 2 lads from Sweden.

We set off at 07:20 this morning, passed a sign that reminded us just how far we still had to go, bought some breakfast at a supermarket on our way and set off for Zubiri 22 Kms away. The wind of late had dropped and once again I was so glad we set off really early for there were a few steep climbs and some rough terrain descents to negotiate.

A long way still to go

yes, that far!

It was hot, really hot today. We did stop in Espinal for a ham and cheese baguette which really hit the spot and water. Lots of water to keep hydrated.


More fine views

Angus, the Australian that we met in Orisson decided to have couple of beers at 10 in the morning instead and fell asleep in the chair so we had to leave him and do our own thing.

Here is dog of the day for Leo. He was taking shelter from the heat and understood our limited Spanish.


Nice pooch

Distance walked today 21.9Kms

Mark Dexter 2015