Day 4: Orisson to Roncevalles.


Sunrise. An early start for us.

Distance to go: 781.1 Kms

It is now abundantly clear to us novices that walking in the early morning is the way to go. The air is cooler, fresher and therefore we are cooler and fresher. Around 4am the wind started to blow and it was a feature for the whole day. It was very desiccating. The sun was out all day just to warm us up.


Pilgrims Way

We walked 19Kms today. It does not sound like much but it has been tough going with some open hill tops battling the wind to steep descents playing havoc with our knees and hips. But we made it and thats the main thing. I am so glad we decided not to over do it the first few days until we got used to this.


Hill horses roaming freely in the mountains.

It has been an exhilarating day. The scenery has been spectacular and most people we come across are really nice. There are a few old grumps but we just avoid them. We saw hill horses that roam freely and soaring vultures looking for knackered pilgrims and flora and fauna to keep us interested as we huff and puff our way along the route.The high point lies at 1450 metres above sea level and from there the view is fantastic.


We are staying in the monastery in Roncevalles having crossed into Spain now. The facilities are delightful. Hot showers, wifi and they do all your nasty washing for €2.70. Dinner will be in a local restaurant with some of the people we shared food with last night.

My final photo is for Leo again. Another dog walking the Camino with his owner.


Dog for Leo.

Distance walked today: 17.1 Kms

Mark Dexter 2015