Day 34: Alto do Poio to Triacastela

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 03

What the morning brought.

Distance to go: 146.4Kms

We both slept fairly well under a heavy blanket. We woke to a cool room that felt damp. None of the clothes that Debbie washed last night were anywhere near being dry. We had spares but heavy rain was falling and we were going to get wet even more. We dressed and went into the cafe for some tea and toast. A roaring log fire was going.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 02

In summer….Really?

This was July was it not? I visited the loo for a quick pit stop before we made ourselves ready to go. I wished I had not. What was I supposed to do with this?

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 01

No user instructions.

We bit the bullet, donned our ponchos and set off into the cold rain for the first part of the walk to Fonfria some 3.5 Kms downhill. It was really cold and quite miserable. We went on the road as the actual Camino was flooded in places. The road although wet was well drained and we made good progress. We passed Fonfria and kept going.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 04

This is the road to hell.

We stayed on the road as the path in these conditions was going to be too slippery in my view so we took no chances and stayed on the tarmac.

I got a soggy right foot. Debbie got two wet feet. I suspect my goretex uppers were letting in the rain. Same story for Debbies boots.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 05

Slow going on slippery slopes.

We ploughed on. The road started to part company with the Camino so we cut down a small farm track and joined the Camino. Dropping down some stoney slopes was slow progress. Dont want to risk any twisted ankles now. We dropped out of the clouds and there was a suggestion of warmth.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 07

It was all downhill from here.

By now the small town of Triacastela was only around 4 Kms away. We were going to be there around 11:30. We decided that we would stop there. We both had wet feet, wet clothes and our reserve clothes were not dry from yesterday. There was no point pressing on.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 08

Our faces on deciding to go no further.

We found a very nice albergue and for €9 each we have a double bed in a small private room off the bunk room. It is worlds apart from the damp nasty place we stayed in last night.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 10

Our little cave for the night. Warm and dry.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 11

Our albergue: A Horta del Abel. Small and clean and warm. Recommended!

We showered. The Hospitalera in charge took our washing and has washed and dried it whilst we went to a local cafe and demolished a plate of fried eggs, sausage, salad and chips washed down with tea.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 12


Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 13

After. Most unusual for Debbie.

We have dry clothes, full tummies, our boots are nearly dry and we are rested and our Joi de vivre tanks are full again.

Alto do Poio to Triacasrela - 16

A pilgrims lot is not a happy one…….a happy one…..

We will return to the fried egg cafe for the pilgrims dinner, a little wine and then a little more.

My friend Keith has arrived in Santiago and here is his blog entry for the day. Click this link.

I hope that we will experience the same and I hope he will not mind me publishing the link. He writes more eloquently than I do and has sent me some photos that he and his daughter Tanya took in the earlier days of our Camino.

As for tomorrow. Well we shall see what the morning brings. The weather has improved beyond measure. The sun is out. It is warm and thats good for the soul both mine and my boots.

Distance walked today: 12.5 Kms

Mark Dexter 2015