Day 3: St Jean to Orisson refuge

Distance to go: 789.1 Kms

We had a great night sleep. The extra money was worth it to give us a really good start both physically and mentally. We ate a good breakfast and set off at 9am for the first stop at the Orisson refuge 8 Kms away. The owner and Fiji her Golden Retriever bid us farewell and after a brief stop at the town gate we set off.

"Fiji"  - 2

The distance is not so great but there is a climb of around 800 metres to get there. It starts with a steep climb away from St Jean. No easing into this at all. My legs complained but Debbie kept me going. Actually I was surprised how I coped. Yes the leg muscles ached and yes my breathing was heavy but I was really rather pleased that the knees held up.

Leaving St Jean to start our Camino - 1
Leaving St Jean to start our Camino - 2

The Pilgrims set out!

The views from the Way are simply stunning and we watched red kites raptors thermalling in the gentle airs. Truly magnificent. I had to stop to catch my breath a few times but all in all I am happy with day one. Despite my training on the ship this was hard going.

En route to our first stop at Orisson Refige - 4

A breather to admire the view.

On a hill a young Australian was lying on the grass verge so we stopped to see if he was ok. He was enjoying a cigarette and taking a breather. I liked Angus. He is my type of guy. We were to see him later.

We stopped at various points to take in the view and chat with a couple of Irish ladies doing a 3 day walk to Pamplona and a Belgian man that had walked 60 days already from his home. He was super fit.

So I leave you with a few photos of the day.

En route to our first stop at Orisson Refige - 2

Simply stunning.

Home for the night - 2

Home for the night.

I was really glad to walk around the corner and see home for the night. All in all it was only a 3 hour walk albeit uphill. We will ease into this gently. Dont want any niggly injuries at this early stage.

"Fiji"  - 1


Finally this photo is for my son Leo who is dog mad. This is Fiji, the Owners dog.

Distance walked today: 8.0 Kms

Mark Dexter 2015