Day 25: León. Rest Day.

Leon - 23

León Cathedral West side.

Distance to go: 318 Kms

I am now convinced the rest day was essential. Even though we did not set the alarm clock we both woke around 05:45, had a brief chat and rolled over and went back to sleep. We eventually rose at some naughty hour, took a shower and then went out and about to explore.

Leon - 26

San Isadora.

We tried to get Debbie some more socks of the kind she got back in Viana on day 11. To no avail. We tried a few shops but no luck.

We will try again further down the road. So we did what was the only option left to us. We had coffee. Very civilised. Who should mosey on by but Damien. I do like his sense of humour. We had purchased some essentials at the local ‘farmacia'. Analgesics. If ever I decide to open a shop it will be a foot remedy and painkiller shop on the Camino. The pharmacist took a look at one of my blisters and said iodine. I put it on. I went into orbit. I landed and felt better. In fact as I type just having had a wonderful dinner in the cathedral plaza my feet fell great once more.

Within a few hours of putting on the iodine the pain has gone, the swelling has reduced and I think we are ready to continue. Tomorrow will be the test.


Worth a photo dont you think.

If ever anybody reading this has the slightest notion about following the path I cannot stress enough how important this rest day has been both physically and mentally. The walk is not what this is all about. There is more. Much more. Sure if you put your head down and march you can make it in around 25 days. There are some we have met who are doing just that. They have seen and experienced nothing. We have met some fabulous people here in León. The pharmacist who assisted us today told us where to go for tapas. What to try. What the local flavours were. I have mentioned in the past that the people we have met in the shops have all been tremendous. They see pilgrims every day. Of course we bring money. But they have all gone above and beyond.


The view from our dinner table.

I have really enjoyed León. More so than Burgos. I like its hidden secrets in the medieval streets. I like its cleanliness and Joi de vivre. I adore the cathedral. But whats more are the folk that populate the streets. No question in my deplorable Spanish was left unanswered. Each proffer of the map was answered with directions as I stood in my unironed drip dry clothing looking like Worzel Gummidge. (google it if you dont know)

Alas it is time to move on. The time is right to do so. We worried when the time came that we would baulk and stay ‘just another day’. But it feels right to get on the path again. I really hope my feet are ok for we desperately want to complete this. We need too. We have become part of the group moving along the path as one. The faces come in and out of our daily lives. All wish us Buen Camino. We assist each other to the ultimate goal of standing in the cathedral in Santiago. Onwards!

 © Mark Dexter 2015