Another new era for the Seabourn brand.

This site is about the life and times of somebody who seems to have spent more time floating around the world on various ships than he has standing on terrafirma.

My life isbasically spent viewing the planet at sea level. Well maybe around 35 metres above sea level to be more precise.

I always kept a diary to keep my family updated as they are spread far and wide around the globe. This seems a more modern version of a diary.

Thecareer path has taken a change after sailing for 10 years with Seabourn. I fly to meet my new colleagues in a week or so. More about that in the coming days ahead. I am really excited about my new position for a number of reasons. But again, more about that in the days ahead.

I intend to try and keep this blog going. More so that my family know where I am and what I am getting up to. Feel free to post and and talk to me. You can do so by leaving a comment at the foot of any page. Or you can email me by clicking this link

I have a new Youtube channel here.

The youtube channel is very much in its infancy as I get to grips with how it all works.

I am also trying out Instagram as frankly I am getting fed up with Facebook.

You can follow me there. I am CAPTMGD. I have not posted yet. I will in time.

If you fancy following me on Twitter I am at:


Driftwood put to use on our local beach on a moody winters day.

Mark Dexter 2015